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About Me

I’m a political independent and a moderate in most things. Though I was born in the heartland, my life as an army brat, Vietnam vet, and a professional diplomat (now retired) made me a bit of a nomad. I’ve been settled in the Washington, D.C. area for several years.

Why Blog?

Writing was always a big part of my work, so I look forward to continuing it in this forum.

My generation (before the Boomers) isn’t well represented in the blogging world. In fact, Technorati reports that only 8% of bloggers are over 55. That’s too bad (and I would like to see it change). We possess a wealth of historical experience and a tradition of moderation that’s relevant to understanding and unraveling the problems we’re dealing with today.

Blog What?

One of the liberating things about being retired is the freedom to broaden your focus beyond your old day job. I won’t have any one topical focus – anything you see in your morning paper, and beyond, is fair game -- politics, society, foreign policy, environment, good books, food, advertising and marketing, the English language…the list goes on.

I like to think that there are others of you out there like me, who have wide-ranging interests and might find a weblog focused on just one topic boring. Let me hear what you think!